Sour Diesel Deluxe leaf


Precisely blended with full spectrum CBD oil and flavored with an all-natural terpene profile,

Our cartridges contain a potent combination of collaboratively optimized cannabinoids including.

CBD, CBDv, CBDa, CBC, CBCa, CBG, and CBN taking advantage of the full entourage effect,

Allowing you to modulate your CBD experience to your liking.

Our vape oils will satisfy and relax you, while providing all natural tangy taste,

That lets you know our oil is the full spectrum vape oil cartridge for you.



Sour Diesel Deluxe leaf

At sour diesel deluxe leaf we believe in healing through transparency.
The naturally derived cannabinoids and terpenes in our formula,
provide a comprehensive synergistic effect exclusive to Deluxe Leaf products.
Extracted from freshly harvested plants then cured with cold-pressed terpenes to preserve
the natural rich aroma and flavor.
● Maintains full spectrum cannabinoid profile
● Single-origin cannabis-derived cold-pressed terpenes
● No GMOs, chemicals or solvents
● Contains <0.3mg THC
● Legal in all 50 States
CBD wax is great for vape pens or dab rigs.
Lab Tested | Organic | Made in USA


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