Jack Herer


Jack herer is a sativa-dominant cannabis that has gained as much renown like its namesake, the marijuana activist and author of the emperor wears no clothes.
The strain called jack herer is a tribute to the activist and first cultivated anther the care of  sensi seeds.
Its genetics remain a mystery,but it’s often found in dispensaries due to its appealing flavor and effects.
The most common characteristic in the sativa marijuana strain is it vivid orange pistils scattered throughout light green flowers.once you open up a bag or jar of the jack herer strain,you’ll be greeted with a light floral scent having undertones of fresh soil and lemon zest.
A dusting of crystal trichomes gives an even lighter appearance when its been cultivated properly.

Despite its loud odor being mild and its appearance seemingly like your average cannabis nug.
Its ideal for cannabis consumer that are looking for a balance of effects.
Its been dubbed a “wake and bake” strain, and is rumored to increase energy while relaxing the just enough to want to keep moving.
Users say jack herer offers a mellow high accompanied with focus,so anyone pursuing creative task or conversation may benefit form this strain as cerebral activities enhances.
It has been acclaimed by users for improving visualization and brainstorming,while some like to use it to reduce the symptoms and migraines,headache and stress.
Be Careful consuming it too late in the evening as it could keep you from falling asleep.

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Jack Herer

Jack herer marijuana strain,a tribute to the famous marijuana activist jack herer,is a sativa strain that lives up to the legendary name.

This one of the pleasant sativas on the market.

Jack herer is one of the best daytime strain and tastes sweet and fresh.

The strain will instantly provide a jolt of energy  that carries you through the next few hours.

Jack herer cannabis strain’s seems to last eternally but it hits users within just minutes!

It will maintain clarity but gives a refreshing  sensation that is still quite  calming in nature.

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