Green Crack


URSA was built to transport you from one flavor nebula to another ,
And improve your life through otherworldly experiences.
We accomplish our overall mission of demolishing boredom with our full-spectrum concentrates.
That feature 69-98% THC and strain-specific.
Cannabis-derived terpenes from the master growers of Humboldt County.
When will you embark on your next stellar journey,
Come with us to discover magical diamonds, sweet exotic nectars and transformational bliss.

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Green Crack

Green crack is a golden pool of terpy deliciousness, saucy but with lots of micro diamonds.

The aromatics on this are classic Green Crack, but turned up to 11.

It get sweet and sour fruits, mango, honeysuckle, fruit punch, citrus candy, and maraschino cherries,

with just a tiny bit of pepper at the back end.

The flavor is very similar to the aroma, pulling through more of the mango, and just the tiniest bit of gas on the backside.

It hits super smooth.

The high is up and awake, very clear-headed and focused.

This is the perfect concentrate for smoking and still being functional.


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