CBD You Tincture (2000mg)


CBDYou’s hemp-extracted CBD Isolate is a natural alternative to pain medications and recovery supplements.
CBD is extremely effective medicine that can assist you in a number of positive ways.
Muscle Recovery
CBD greatly assists in muscle healing by reducing the inflammation that comes with post-workout recovery.
Pre Workout
A great way to address pain and soreness before it starts, as well as get a motivating boost of energy.
Pain Management
Natural and effective management for routine aches and pains as well as persistent chronic ailments.
Post Workout
CBD is a great way to reduce the inflammation that occurs post workout without inhibiting the muscle fibers.
Sleep Aid
Having a well rested body and mind is essential to a healthy, active lifestyle.
CBD can be an effective sleep aid.
Alertness & Motivation
Many people report having an uplifting energy after using certain CBD products.
It can be a natural and safe way to motivate.



CBD Tincture

CBD You Tincture 2000mg  CBD per Tincture – 66.7MG CBD per Drop
CBD You believes in natural healing and recovery for high performance athletes and friends.
They are proud to offer potent CBD products made from CBD Isolate,
Coconut Oil and great ingredients.
Healing and Recovery with CBD
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound that is one of over 100 others found in the Cannabis plant.
CBD is non-intoxicating,
safe for daily use and has become widely known for its many anti-inflammatory healing properties.
CBD has become especially popular among high performance athletes such as
MMA fighters
weightlifters and even extreme Yogis.


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