Alaskan Thunder Fuck


Alaskan Thunder Fuck (also referred to as ATF, Matanuska Thunder Fuck or Matanuska Tundra) is a legendary sativa-dominant strain originating in the Matanuska Valley area of Alaska.

According to the legend, it was originally a Northern California sativa crossed with a Russian ruderalis, but sometime in the late 70s it was crossed with Afghan Genetics to make it heartier.

ATF usually presents large, beautifully frosted buds with incredibly strong odors of pine, lemon, menthol, and skunk.

Known for possessing a relaxing yet intensely euphoric high, it is also described as having a “creeper” effect as well as pronounced appetite enhancement.

Bud Size: Big Pieces
Texture: Normal
Flavour: Sweet, Berry, Tropical
THC Content – 17.7% Highest Test
Common Usage – Pain, Loss of Appetite, Depression
Effects – Euphoria, Relax, Sedated

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunderfuck is a sativa-dominant with a complicated genetic history.
It is said to have originated in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley as a cross between an unnamed Northern California strain and an unnamed Russian ruderalis (a less-seen genus of cannabis distinct from either indica or sativa).
The child of these two strains was then crossed with an Afghani indica landrace to yield the potent staple that we know as Alaskan Thunderfuck.

This strain confers a strong sense of mental focus alongside some subtle physical relaxation.
Flower of Alaskan Thunderfuck have been tested at between 13% and 27%.
Alaskan Thunderfuck sets itself apart with chunky buds that are medium to large in size and have a tapered, spade-like appearance.
The leaves, which are a pale shade of sea green, have a fluffy look and feel and can be easily torn away from their central stems.
Vibrant orange pistils wind their way through these piecey leaves.
Finally, a dense blanket of trichomes covers the inner and outer surfaces of the flowers, making them sticky and particularly hard to break up without the help of a grinder.

When properly cured, Alaskan Thunderfuck has a primarily woodsy aroma, redolent of pine and cedar.
There are also base notes of damp earth, along with an indefinable nutty, chocolate-like scent.
Only closer inspection, hints of lemon are present as well. When combusted, Alaskan Thunderfuck burns with a funky, acrid smoke that some may find objectionable or harsh.
On the exhale, this smoke leaves behind an astringent ammonia tang accented by a lingering sour lemon taste.
A small dose of this potent hybrid can go a long way, even for more experienced cannabis users.

Alaskan Thunderfuck’s wide-ranging effects can also have application for medical cannabis patients.

Its long-lasting lucidity may help those with attention deficit disorders to sustain focus on a single task.

Its subtle mood enhancement can benefit users with mild to moderate stress and depression,

leading them to spend their time more presently and mindfully.
Physiological effects include some anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe headaches or nausea

although outdoor cultivation calls for a warm, semi-humid climate with consistent daytime sunlight.

Alaskan Thunderfuck offers growers a high yield in reward for their efforts.

Finally, just as it can be a pungent smoke, this hybrid can be a very pungent strain to grow — those looking to keep their cultivation operations discreet should invest in odor control measures like exhaust fans.

With a complex, surprising flavor profile and a lasting head high, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular sativas in circulation today.

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